10% Increase in Sales

10% Increase in Sales

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Our Approach

Decisions Made

  • Focus Google Adwords campaign on local traffic not international
  • Shift Google Adwords campaign to new audiences discovered
  • Stop certain product adverts on Google Adwords

Data which motivated decisions

  • The majority (85%) of Google Adwords traffic is local
  • Products with high organic rank position locally & internationally
  • Search terms with high search volume where we do not rank organically

Performance improvement

  • Since changes on 14th of June 2019
  • 31% increase in user traffic, year on year
  • 41% increase in page views, year on year
  • 10% increase in annual sales (i.e. from 1 Mar 2019 – 1 Mar 2020)
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Increase Sales.


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Services Provided

Google Adwords Campaign Management, Data Analytics, Data Analysis


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